Working in Midtown Manhattan

While I'll likely be traveling a decent amount in this new role, for now I'm soaking up the fact that my home office is inside one of the world's iconic office buildings - 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I literally get out of the subway in the morning, walk towards Radio City Music Hall, then dart into the building underneath the iconic sign that reads: "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon".

This is not a brag (or a "flex" as the kids call it these days), but a call-out to my future self. Being in an office, you're bound to hear complaining, but people moaning about the crowds - how there are lineups at restaurants during lunch time, and the classic "wait until Christmas time" whine referencing the massive crowds that the tree and the skating rink atract to Rockefeller Center every season - I can't comprehend!

At the end of my first week of work - I survived!

I vow to never become a spoiled New Yorker. Of course tourists can be annoying, and in your way, and for God knows what reason choose an iPad to take pictures, but that's a sign of how the area is simply awesome.

A good buddy who has lived here for a few years wisely told me that if you ever start taking things for granted (like walking up the street for coffee and staring at the Empire State Building, or running through Central Park and seeing the Plaza Hotel), you need to check yourself. So here's permission for anybody reading this, if I ever say, "Ugh yeah, 30 Rock is super annoying because of the crazy crowds downstairs", you have written authority to punch me in the shoulder and say "nobody forced you to work there!"

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P.S. I'm trying to take more pictures but WordPress is super annoying for randomly changing the orientation (landscape/portrait) on me, so that's why I haven't had a cover photo on the last couple posts. I'll work on it.

The flags of Rockefeller Center (yes I realize it should be 'Centre')