Toronto Quarantine: Weekend Recap

The amazing 8-day trip to visit Dan, Steve and Finn in Toronto came to a close with an incredible weekend of fun.

With Dan and Steve off work, we could all play with Finn, help with building furniture, make delicious food, and catch up with some awesome conversations.

The squad being silly 😜

Saturday was a ton of fun:

  • Dan bought soccer nets which we broke out in the backyard for a little 2 on 2 which Finn loved

    • He constantly named "Arsenal" and "Stoke City"

  • Face Timed with Tracy, my parents and Lynn - Finn was hilarious in all of the calls

  • Re-enacted more of Home Alone 2

  • Built some Lego

  • Steve spent hours building furniture

  • I read Finn his bedtime stories after a TIRING day of running around the backyard

Possible hand ball
Our rising soccer star ⭐️

Rather than cook dinner, I made a vegan Caesar salad and we ordered in some tasty pizzas after Finn went to bed. Again, some great life chats with Dan and Steve to cap off our final night.

Pizza Libretto doesn’t disappoint

As I packed up Sunday, I got to spend more time with Finn in the backyard kicking the ball around, and enjoyed a delicious brunch and lunch, complete with champagne, with Dan and Steve. Dan really spoiled us on weekends with the full English breakfast each morning!

I used to see the three of them nearly every day, and I really miss how close I was to Finn but I feel like this trip allowed me to reconnect with him and see how much he’s grown. He’s so smart, picks up on everything you say or do, is incredible at puzzles and numbers and memorizing lines from movies, and even his foot-eye coordination is pretty impressive. Sometimes I have to catch myself and remember he’s only three and still just a little guy.

Hoodie pals

Dan and Steve are also great for me to be around. I feel like Dan and I can chat about work and life and ambition and family and relationships forever; and Steve is such a good buddy to take advice from over a beer (or at least learn about pro wrestling from). I’m lucky to have family members who I consider such close friends and who clearly impact my life and perspective in a positive way when they’re around.

It was so fun relaxing in their new home, catching up, hearing about their jobs, and just being family, that I can’t wait to get back and visit again. I was pretty sad leaving, but so grateful that the visit was able to happen in a safe way. I’ll remember this trip for a long time.

I’ll see you soon, buddy!

Thanks for reading, especially those of you that checked out the daily recaps!


P.S. For those wondering, travel back to the US was a breeze. No lines at customs and the planes were still barely at 50% capacity so it was no problem living that mask life and feeling safe. Now I'm in quarantine in NYC!