Toronto Quarantine Day 7

Yesterday was definitely casual Friday as Finn and I were a bit more lazy.

Belly out for Jurassic Park

Towards the end of the day we had lots of fun though:

  • Played hide and seek

  • Re-enacted our favourite scenes from Home Alone 2 - Finn has an incredible memory for the quotes which I thoroughly appreciate

    • He casually remarked to us all, out of nowhere: “Suck brick, kid!” we had a very good laugh.

It was another good food day with a tasty avocado toast for breakfast, leftover Fresh for lunch, and a sushi feast for dinner after the obligatory dance party before Finn’s bed time.

Avo toast with all the seasoning and vegan Mayo
All the sushi

We made it through the week and now it’s time to enjoy the weekend with the whole gang. Looks like the sun is shining so we’ll get out in the backyard and get moving today!

Thanks for reading,