Toronto Quarantine Day 6

The fun continued on with Finn today while getting a nice break to watch some sports. Two NFL games plus an Arsenal win made for some solid entertainment, and Dan getting off work a bit earlier allowed for ample play time in the kitchen.

Finn activities:

  • Playing with magnets

  • Playing baseball and soccer in the backyard

  • Building Lego

  • Watched some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Finn liked the floats and the dancing and singing)

  • Playing Go Fish

  • Filling out the daily calendar (temperature, mood, day, month, etc)

Pumped about his Daily Calendar
Happy in the backyard
Showing off his teddy bear cookie/pancake 🤦🏻‍♂️


  • Made my famous chickpea salad sandwiches for the team lunch

  • Ordered a feast from Fresh - one of my fave restaurants that I dearly miss from Toronto

  • Completely botched the directions on a Christmas cookie kit that I tried making with Finn. Ended up with cookie dough pancakes instead; he still seemed happy with the one bear cut-out we managed. #UncleMikeFail

Chickpea salad with kale for the win
Volume up for Go Fish learning 😂
Our feast from Fresh!!

Thank you for reading!