Toronto Quarantine Day 4

Tuesday was a long day with Finn as we had to manage around very busy, meeting-filled days for Dan and Steve.

But Finn was an absolute champ and we took part in a flurry of activities to keep positive and entertained:

  • Played with cars... a lot!

  • Watched a couple shows on the ipad

  • Completed a puzzle

  • Played Snakes & Ladders

  • Made significant progress on his new solar system puzzle that’s 200 pieces

  • Drew an elaborate world with characters on the chalkboard

  • Ate lunch

  • Played tons of catch

  • Polled people on Instagram and received (and answered) 22 questions! Check out the highlight “Quarantine Q’s” on @mikearnoldmath Instagram. #crosspromotion

Fun times hanging

Of course the day wrapped up with a dance party, a nice call to Granny and Papa, a tasty dinner (Eggos and bananas for Finn) and a bath before bed.

Time lapse of catching practice!

I hung out with Dan and Steve having some nice conversations over leftover Thai before watching Superbad for the 109th time and still laughing.

On to day 5!! Thanks for reading,