Toronto Quarantine Day 3

Monday was the first full shift of hanging with Finn, having a ball and trying to give Dan and Steve some space and quiet time to work.

We had an absolute blast. Activities included:

  • Drawing on a chalkboard

  • Building a Lego firehouse

  • Completing two puzzles

  • Watching Cars 3 and Finn providing me with all necessary background from Cars and Cars 2

  • Working on our counting

  • Playing with Hot Wheels

  • Going outside to check on our snowmen and kick the ball around

Lego and puzzle success!

And of course we celebrated the end of the work day with an epic dance off with Mum and Dad!

Serious moves

Food for the day featured a nice little salad for lunch and some delicious Thai food ordered in for dinner.

Healthy lunch fuel
Delicious Thai to celebrate Monday

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with more adventures of Finn and Uncle Mike!