Toronto Quarantine Day 2

Sunday was an absolute blast. I woke up around 8 and played with Finn in his room with some of his favourite race cars. We pumped up a soccer ball and kicked it around in the basement for a little while. He’s got incredible foot-eye coordination.

Dan and Steve made a delicious Sunday brunch with all the fixings but plant-based! Baked beans, bagel, hash browns, avocado, mushrooms and Beyond Meat sausages!

Fuel for a big Sunday

At 11:30 we watched the Arsenal match - Finn was decked out in his Arsenal kit which his favourite uncle purchased for him, and we cheered them on to an exciting 0-0 draw.

Monkeying around in his Arsenal gear

After the match we joined the Jackson Manchur 1st birthday party over Zoom. My friend Cory Manchur and his wife Jenn have become great friends of mine and the Rombough’s so we all crowded around a laptop to sing happy birthday.

Once we said farewell on Zoom, Finn and I went out to the backyard to play around in the freshly fallen snow. We had a snowball fight, ran around the yard, and even built two fairly successful snowmen!

Finn holding the snowman’s hand 😍

Before bed we played some tic tac toe, FaceTimed with Tracy and had some delicious nachos for dinner made by Dan.

After Finn’s bed time we watched Sunday Night Football and relaxed before a busy week ahead.

Monday’s report will be out tomorrow. Thanks for reading,