Toronto Quarantine Day 1

I am officially on vacation for the US Thanksgiving week and it’s off to an amazing start!!!

After 10 months without seeing Danielle, Steve or Finn, I flew up to Toronto on Saturday for a proper visit. After some flight cancellations and being re-routed through Detroit, I arrived at their newly purchased Toronto home around 4:30pm.

I was so happy to see them and play with Finn. We played some lego, started a new puzzle, and I read him four books before bed. I can’t wait for the week ahead relaxing from work and playing with Finn.

After Finn was in bed, Dan, Steve and I had a great visit, drank some good ol Canadian beer, and ordered some delicious pizza.

Blondie’s Pizza in Toronto’s east end

I’m here for 8 days and will be quarantining with the three of them the entire time before heading back to the airport (and back to NYC) next Sunday. They’ll continue to quarantine for the 14 day total since I arrived, and hopefully won’t be too big of a toll since Toronto begins a 28-day lockdown tomorrow anyway.

I’ll plan to provide a daily update with whatever food we make, and what activities and shenanigans Finn and I get up to!

Thanks for reading,